Wednesday, August 21, 2019

AKC Scent Work Trial Day 1

WOW!  That describes our first trialing weekend.  

Friday morning we got up furry early, dropped Poppy off at day care and bee lined for the club.  We spotted the OTCWF Scent Work sign right away.  

The parking lot was filled to the brim. Some doggos even brought campers.  Seriously thats the way to go!  Momma take a mental note of this.

I had no idea what to expect when arriving Friday morning.  There were dogs and hoomans everywheres!  All within licking distance too.  #adreamcometrue

I immediately made myself right at home...per the usual.  No need to be uncomfy.

After we dropped off the diaper bag with out other stuff we went to the registration table to check in and get our arm band.  

We were team #102.  We also received a goodie bag.

Look just behind the registration table and you can see all the ribbons that will be awarded for placement (best times 1st -4th) and title/high in trial ribbons.  Simply beautiful!

Then Momma put my bed atop my crate to I could people/puppy watch. 

You need a cute smile pic...ok!

Are we done wif pics?

Anyone wanna pet me?  Anyone?

Quick puppy naps.

Ready to say hello to any passing puppers in full sploot.

 Our view for the day.

This is the on deck box, its marked in blue tape.  And currently holding a PBGV.

Heidi Marie the Sheep Dog.  She was beautiful!

Look at all these furiends!

Our Judge in the gray shirt Miss Caroline

My other neighbor Casper the corgi.  This was the first corgi I ever met.  He was awsome!

There was a handler's briefing by Caroline Oldham our Friday Judge.  Here are those videos.  Remember momma you have no pointer fingers and no descriptive words.   Just a sphere.   BOL  She had wonderful advice for us novice teams.  The biggest momma took away was even if we don't Q, reward the search.  Don't just come back defeated, stuff us in our crate and get on your cell phone.  We worked that area, right or wrong, we worked.  No matter if we (the dog) indicate wrong or our handler has an error, that means there is a hole in training and we have something to work on.  #practicemakesprogress Going into this trial looking at this instead of "we failed" made a world of difference.  It really set a positive mood for the day.   

We uploaded a portion of her speech to our youtube channel.  Click here to take a listen.

Then the trials began.  Handler Discrimination was first so we just spectated and listened.  We got lots of advice from Miss Martha our trainer and Carolyn our former classmate.  I can't wait to return to class to learn this search.  What was neat about getting to watch first was seeing those teams come back in and waiting to hear if they Q'ed.  We cheered and clapped for those that did and gave a "better luck next time" to those that didn't...but most did!  Here is Chance after one of his many many trials resting.  He was a superstar!

At the lunch break I put on my best beggers face.  I did score some treats but no hooman foods.  Drat.

Once lunch wrapped up the Trial 1 containers was starting.  I was crated while momma went for a briefing.  We have to wait in the on deck spot when your number is called, come in when its your turn, do your search, when finished obtain your ribbon and exit via the back door.  Paws up momma.  I'm ready.

We waited in the on deck section.  Getting more excited as the seconds ticked by.  Then ring steward called us in.  We went to the start line and were told to start whenever we were ready.  Momma took one big breath and said lets SEARCH.  I went down one side, up the other and back down to the second box.  Stopped, sniffed longer, and momma called alert.  The judge said YES!  Click and treat to follow.  We took our ribbon and went out the exit door.  We found a shady spot outside to sit and momma exclaimed YOU DID IT!!!!  I got extra treats and pets.  It was pawsome.  We went inside and everyone was waiting to hear if we got it since this was our first run at our first trail.  Momma raised that ribbon and we got lots of congrats.  My first official scent work ribbon!

Again we watched and waited to hear results from our fellow pups.  The excitement was building for my next run.  Trial 2 was called and we were back on deck.  As we went in we took our spot by the start line.  Momma said Let's Search!  With no hesitation I found the box, momma called alert and the judge said YES!  We collected our second ribbon and floated out of the exit.  Ribbon #2!

Once back to our area I took a picture with my 2 Novice Container Q ribbons.  

Another quick Puppy nap.

Once all the dogs ran containers we were called into the interior search area for the briefing.  Crate time!

This one was medical themed.  

Note from the momma: I was trying to be sneaky to get these and it didn't go well.  Sorry.

As we returned we learned the scores were ready and it was time to award ribbons.  Trial 1 A Containers 4th place was LUCY #102!!!!  I won a white rosette ribbon.  I couldn't believe it.  First run first trail and I got a rosette!  

Next we were called to the on deck box for Trial 1 A Interior search.  I was ready freddy for this one.  Went in sniffed around and boom, on the wheel chair.  I even pawed to let momma know for sure that one was it.  She called alert and a ribbon was handed to us.

Tial 2 A Interiors didn't go as well.  I sniffed around here and there.  I was a little confused.  When I went back to the " bed" for a second sniff momma called alert.  We got a somber "I'm sorry" and left the ring empty handed.  Momma should have given me more time.  There was our hole in training.  Handler error in calling early.  Well get em next time.

Soon after the interior dogs ran Trail 1 A results were in.  I got 2nd place!  A red ribbon for a red poodle.  Its amazing!

While other puppies were getting their rosettes I may or may not have snuck up on top of Prince's crate to see if there were any left over snackies.

Last rosette given on day 1 was for High in Trial and our furiend from class Chance and his mom Carolyn won it.  There was a massive uproar.  We were super happy for them.

With that set of results the day had come to a close.  We took 2 last photos with all the ribbons for each element.  Containers....

...and Interiors.

We stopped to pick up Poppy and I tried to tell Doggy Nanny about my day but I fainted from exhaustion.

And the final results are:

Dates: August 16, 2019
Location: OTCWF
Judge: Caroline Oldham
Odor: Birch
Element: Container
Level: Novice
Qualifying Scores:  2
Trial 1 Novice A-  00:16:62 Seconds 0 Faults Placement 4th
Trial 2 Novice A- 00:14.37 Seconds 0 Faults Placement 5th

Dates: August 16, 2019
Location: OTCWF
Judge: Caroline Oldham
Odor: Birch
Element: Interior
Level: Novice
Qualifying Scores: 1
Trial 1 Novice A- 00:23:25 Seconds 0 Faults Placement 2nd
Trial 2 Novice A- NQ


Side note from momma: When receiving our rosettes the judge said Lucy was fun to watch, that meant a lot to hear. I agree it is something to watch this girl work.  It fills my heart with joy to know we have something that we both love and we can work as a team.  She is all spit and vinegar till we reach that start line then she is all business and ready to show her stuff.  


  1. Congrats to you and your mom Lucy. You did great for your first trial.

  2. That's great Lucy!! Congratulations to you and mommy!!

  3. OMD, you won two rosettes for your very furst time!! You are a SUPERLUCYSTAR!