Sunday, August 4, 2019

Pool Pawty

Once everyone was sufficiently hot  we got into pool attire.

Josie modeling her jacket and kini.

And we all took up residence at the pool.

We had ample sun, light clouds, and a beautiful breeze.

Momma had to leash me at first.  This pool looked awful suspicious and too much like a bath.

Douglas didn't need the extra help.  He jumped right in.

Mommas not much for getting herself wet so she just dunked her footsies.  

Then the birthday girl Miss Josie hopped in.

Did a good shakie.

And hopped on a floatie wif her momma.

Douglas checking out the pool.

Go Douglas Go!

After a few laps he needed to dry off.

And soak up them rays!

We waded on the big step.  That was ok.  

Quite refreshing in fact.  


Miss Cindy and Mr Donne tried to convince me to go swimmin.  I was hesitant.

Then I went for it.  

Watch me go!

Momma had to capture me and do the handoff so she could get a swimming photo.  I disliked that furry much.  The photo is kinda cool but totally not worth it.  

Rude simply rude!  Ill just be over here far away from momma if you need me.  *notice my furs already dry*

After that I was off chasin crickets.  Josie has like a hundred of 'em right in her back yard.  Wow-wee!  

I may or may not have rubbed on a few.

Totally did though and quite proud!

Inbetween wading in the water we would get out and get on games of chase.  This pool water made us all feel frisky.

I could get used to this sunnin by the pool life.

Of course I also did a lot of splootin'

Oh Mr. Douglas you look so handsome in dem board shorts!

The final dry off.

And last but not least I had to try this floatie thing myself.  But I waited till it was out of the first people.

Thanks again to Josie, John and Ginny for inviting us over!!!

Lucy & Poppy


  1. Wow, you grrls had such an amazing pawty to go to! And you were SO BRAVE to get in all that water!