Thursday, August 29, 2019

#TBT - Coming Home Story and My Family Tree Expanded

Lucy helped me update the gotcha story page at the top of the blog (some time ago) but I realized I never made an indepth post about my gotcha day/past home life.  So here is the full story.  I was born 4-3-17 in a rural town in Oklahoma.

  I was born to a slate Chinese Crested called Princess.

My dad was a merle Chihuahua named Chigger.  Momma says thats probably where I get my blue eyes.

 I look  just like my, except I just have more neck freckles and blue eyes.

I was one of five in my litter and was the only female  of the bunch.

From my litter two of us were kept by the breeder.  My previous owner named me Scarlett and my brother Milo.

 Around November of 2017 I was bred to a male in the house.  I had two boys in late Janruary.  It was a tough birth and afterwards I developed mastitis and had to spend lots of time in the hospital.  That was not very fun!  I have a scar on my side from my wounds.  Once recovered it was decided to rehome me.

Thats when Momma saw my picture and instantly fell in love.  She wasn't sure she could handle two dogs (living in the city/apartment) but after taking it over wif Doggy Nanny she felt she could handle the responsibility. Momma and Lucy set out for OK to retrieve me.  

We met in Walters, OK at the visitors center and during our first meeting I was scared.  I was stiff as a board and wouldn't look at anyone.  Momma put a harness on me and that was not fun.  My last owner never put something so odd on me before.  

My last owner made a comment that didn't mean anything at the time but later would.  She mentioned the white out on my vet papers was the vet made a mistake listing me as a chihuahua/chinese crested mix.  She also mentioned I was always kenneled when it was feeding time.  Not that I was aggressive but just to keep the dogs from resource guarding.  Momma thinks my last home was more of a kennel type situation but no one knows for sure.  Doesn't really matter now anyway.

After momma got my medical records tucked away we got in the MM and set out for Texas.  Momma held me the whole way home and I never moved an inch.

I had no idea what was happening.  Then we stopped at a house that Lucy was sure excited about.  Momma put me on a leash and I got a chance to sniff Texas soil.  Once I had done my business momma tried to pick me up and she looked awful frighting so I whipped my head back to warn her I was scared.  Momma just continued to pick me up and just held me close.  Momma has always gone super slow so I never have to be scared of her.  And since that night I haven't ever even offered to "warn" her again.  Then we went to a new place, called home, and the post Life wif Poppy tells my story from there.

As I was pawing this post Momma got a message from a person on FB.  Asking if she got me from [name removed] in Oklahoma.  It was my dams (Princess') original breeder and she owns my grand-dam.  Her name is Tinker and when she sent pictures I couldn't believe it.

Momma said I look even more like Tinker than I do Princess.  Here is top left Tinker (Grand-dam), top right Princess (dam) and bottom is me.

Another thing we have in common is we also like to get furry comfy and have a fondness for sweaters.  BOL

Further conversation revealed Tinker is  1/2 chihuahua and 1/2 chinese crested.  Tinker was bred to a merle chihuahua producing Princess.  Princess was bred to a different merle chihuahua producing me.  So this makes even more sense that my Wisdom panel showed 50% Chihuahua and only 12.5% crestie.  I have a lot of Chihuahua in my pedigree.  But my crestie genes are strong.


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