Thursday, August 22, 2019

AKC Scent Work Trial Day 2

Day 2 arrived furry quickly.  We got up even earlier this day.  Momma and I both rocked the messy hair don't care look.

 We were just happy to be here.   Im ready are you momma?

I tried to score noms....didn't work.

I had bouts of excitement and...

...bouts of sleepies!

Some fun sights for your viewing pleasure.  This pupper using his pawrent chair.

We saw a crestie!  Aww I miss Poppy!

I found the crate I would like to buy.  Its deep purple with wheels and super big with great views.  Some day we will  get one...some day.

This pupper was tired.  He rolled on his back to nap.  Nothing cuter than a labbie!

Momma even caught me splooting with my leggie hanging off the bed.  Yep I have no modesty.  It was a long morning while the other pups did exterior searches and buried searches.

This is Prince.  He belongs to Miss Martha my trainer.  Isn't he amazing?!?!

He is a gentle giant.

The overwhelming majority breed at this trial was Dobermans.

Post lunch it was our time.  Momma got the briefing from new judge Madonna Gallant.  New room, same stuff.  We were called on deck, did our search and Q'ed.

 You'll never guess my time on this one.  12.50 seconds. On this run I by-passed the table, big stack of boxes and all the chairs.  I bee-lined for this big rubber container with a bucket sitting atop it.  I knew exactly where that odor was coming from.  No fooling me!

We had a rest bit then momma was called for containers briefing.  This one was under Judge David Gallant.  New room same stuff.  While she was away I checked the schedule.

We were called on deck and I got compliments about my bubbly personality and furcut!  Then it was my turn.  I ran through the boxes twice, this one seemed a little harder but I finally found it.  Momma called alert and I received my final Q ribbon for the day.  This Q means I officially recieved my SCN (Scent Work Container Novice) title.  Oh boy!

And I Q'ed in all of my trials this day.  2 for 2!!!!

It was a while before scores were entered (lots of trials and lots of dogs) so we just relaxed.

When the scores were ready Interiors Trail 1 A  was called first.  The 1st place rosette winner with the 12 second time was ME!  Momma put on facebook her weekend was made.  Mine too momma mine too!  I pawsonally think I look ravishing in royal blue.

Next to be called was Containers Trail 1 A.  With a score of  I won 3rd place however I got another rosette for earning my title in this element.  WOW!

Once the scores were done it was get official photos with the big camera.  I was getting tired here.

And exhaused by the time momma switched my rosettes.  BOL  Momma thinks they fit the moment.

Post pictures it was time to pack up and head out.  We said good by to our furiends and one last congrats on their winnings.  We stopped and retrieved Poppy.  She was furry happy to see us.  Then we made that LONG drive home.  Seemed to take furevers.  All I could think about was eating supper and going straight to bed.  And we all did just that.    Later that night momma took this picture of me before she hit her final snooze.  

Sunday we did a mini photoshoot of my ribbons.  I received 10 ribbons in all.  

I Q'ed 5/6 trials I entered

I placed 4 out of those 5 and received 1 title (along with a title rosette)

And the final results are:

Dates: August 17, 2019
Location: OTCWF
Judge: David Gallant
Odor: Birch
Element: Container
Level: Novice
Qualifying Scores:
Trial 1 Novice A- 00:29:58 0 Faults Placement 3rd (Title Earned and Rosette)

Dates: August 17, 2019
Location: OTCWF
Judge: Madonna Gallant
Odor: Birch
Element: Interior
Level: Novice
Qualifying Scores:
Trial 1 Novice A- 00:12:58 0 Faults Placement 1st


Note from the momma: I have never been into dog sports in this manner.  Going to shows/trails seemed like something that my dogs and I could never do.  That was for the professionals.  After working with Lucy these past 2 years and seeing our training put to use in a sport and  excelling as a team has been a magical experience.  In the ring she is a great partner.  She is focused, willing and ready to work.  Multiple people stopped us over the course of our time at the trial to tell us how well we worked together and congratulate us on our wins at our first trial.  It warmed my heart.  Then being on the other side of that watching our class mates and fellow novice handlers Q and get rosettes was fun.  We weren't competing against one another we were building each other up.  


  1. Congrats on such a successful weekend of work.

  2. OMD, FURST PLACE?!?! I'm so proud of you! That's SO exciting for your furst competition.

  3. Congratulations Lucy and Momma!! What wonderful pictures!!