Saturday, August 3, 2019

Josie's Birthday Pawty

First we would like to wish Josie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  And give a big Thank You to Josie, John and Ginny for inviting us out.  We had a blast and it was fun to meet you all!

This adventure took us out of Wichita Falls to a place called Burkburnett.

Its got lots of farm land, blue skies for miles and lots of winding roads.  Made me think of KY.

I made my self right at home the moment I set paw in the door.  I am in the middle of the kitchen floor right by the oven.  Hello Josie!  I'm Lucy.

Said Hello to my friend Douglas.

There were nummies a plenty.

I got so excited at one point...

...I was literally airborne.

Thank you Mr. John

I may or may not have sought refuge on higher ground to ensure my num num wasn't stolen.

Ok I totally did and I have no regrets!

Once nums were in the tums, we got to sniffin one another again.  I always go belly up.  BOL  Miss Cindy says I am a Hussy!  Lovingly of course.

I felt a lil suspicious of the peoples so I kept my distance but over all momma said I did fantastic.  I didn't bark at anyone who was attending the pawty...

(except when Douglas and Mr Donnie left the fenced area...then I barked furiously but they looked suspicious)....but I digress....Momma said I was good and we will leave it at that.

We all relocated to the back porch.  

I found an empty chair.  :)  So I claimed it.

The view was amazing of the pool.

Then something caught my attention.  **Alert Alert**  **Suspicious animal in da pool**

Turns out its a rubber ducky pool toy.  Whew!  Close one there.

Douglas and 

I got comfy in the shade while the peoples talked.  

It was nothing to do wif food. So we got bored.

We did take a quick nap as well.

I ran out to do a preliminary check of the pool and grounds.  Looks great everyone.


Post pool time Douglas feel asleep on his beach towel.  

I sought out the shade and a comfy chair.

Then I found a furry nice lap to sit in.  

Then she started rubbing my neck and wow!  

I got all jello-ee inside.

Douglas woke up and modeled for momma

And gave  a lil bleep.

Once everyone dried off we headed back inside to check in on the foods.  

Douglas was getting excited!!!!

Mrs Ginny made all the pups their own special dish of chicken and green beans.  Wow!  I have never been to a pawty where I gets my own full bowl of home cooked foods.  Thank you Mrs Ginny.

We had to leave a green bean or two to save room for desert.

However we did do a fair bit of beggin.  

I gave Miss Cindy my puppy dog eyes...I scored some beef and a nibble of a hot dog.  #yum

Post supper sloots.

Douglas joined me and Poppy did a drive by sniffing.  BOL I think she is getting the hang of this regular doggie situation.  Miss Josie put her pawty dress back on.  I admit it was super fancy.

Mr Donnie came over to give me some attention.  He is so sweet.

Then out came the cake.  

Mrs Ginny you have our full and complete attentions.

The puppy cake...

and hooman cake.

We each got a slice it was pumpkin flavor!  

Best cake I ever did eat.

Me too Poppy, Me too!

All too soon the evening was wrapping up and it was time to head back home.  We slept the whole way.

Lucy and Poppy


  1. Happy Birthday to Josie. Looks like you both had such a fun time at the party. The cake looks like very delicious. Yummy!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a fun rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  2. What a furtastic pawty! Glad you all made new furiends and had a great time!