Saturday, April 27, 2019

OTCWF Beginner Scent Work - Week 5

This class was awesome!  I got furry excited when we arrived.  I sat on the dashboard right in front of momma to let her know I was ready.  How else would she ever know?!?!?!?  When I did though my peets hit something and the car started clicking.  It gave me a bamboozle head twist.  Momma said it was  a "blinker" but it was more of a clicking noise.  

This time I got to play with Chancey the schnoodle, Buddy the lab/pit mix (Behind me there), and Wolfie the poodle mix.

Miss Martha said this week we would do more elevations, added distractions and then NO TREAT HIDES!  That last part had me bamboozled yet again.  

We divided up into littles and bigs again.  We first worked with Miss Martha.  We did elevated hides.  It gave us all a hard time.  But in the end we did it!  Momma brought my clicker this week and that was wonderful.  Hides were placed magically (edit by momma with the rare earth magnent) on a grooming table leg, a folding chair and on a step stool.  The folding chair was hardest for me as it was on the chair back and the scent would come through the space between the back and seat....if that makes any sense.  It does to me.  BOL  She said for at home we can use the fridge as an easy elevated hide.  

Then we went to the puppy room with Miss Kelly.  We had regular buckets but the first search there were 2 treats, then 1 treat, then *GASP* no treat.  I got my clicks each time and a treat from momma but still confused bouts no treats in da bucket.  Last but not least we did the pipe wall again working it coming from different sides.   Miss Kelly did me a fright when she put her arm through the pipe to deliver treats.  

In between searches while the other littles went we all sat out in the main room, pawrents chatted, puppies played and we all had a good time.  All too soon the clock struck 7 and we had to leave the pawty.  I can't wait to practice elevated hides on the fridge.  


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