Monday, April 8, 2019

Getting Rid of Little Red

Side note: This happened back in January.  Sometimes our secretary is slow.  What can ya do?!?!
As you probably saw in our post from the puppy play date our red  camera, and main blogging camera, is having issues with an inner part (unsure of name) opening all the way. Thus cutting off some of the photo....what if I had been in the area where it was cut could have missed my cuteness.

Mommas old Kodak (a black z915) lasted nearly 10 years but when it did finally bite the dust momma got a new Kodak since she had such a good run and got some amazing photos wif the old one.  Well this was during the move and within a week the lens had issues opening fully on the inside just like this time.  We returned it thought maybe it was just a lemon.  Got the replacement and for a year its been great.  Providing quality pics to keep our blog up and running.  Well out of the blue this camera is doing the same thing.  Its frustrating that after having one Kodak for nearly 10 years we have had 2 now in just over 1.  So we got rid of little red.  She shall join the black z915 in the electronics graveyard.

We pawed the interwebs and found a good sale on a Cannon Rebel T6.  Yep we switched brands!    Momma says its a fancy DSLR that can capture high speed objects....Like a Poppy on da run!  So there is an upside, we will have more adorable action shots and such.  Also I find the name quite appealing...THE REBEL!  Kind of like me! 

When momma picked this one up she put in an old 4gb sd card to just try different settings to see what works best to capture our cuteness.  We thought you might enjoy a little sampling of the best shots momma got while playing wif the settings.  Enjoy!

Lucy & Poppy 

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  1. I visit your blog 1x a week and catch up on what I've missed. You've had quite the adventures lately!! Hope you all are behaving and haven't been sold or given to the gypsies yet. Hope the MM is behaving as well! -Love, Eddy in NY