Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Yearly Vaccines and Exam at CPVH

Thanks to the little post card momma didn't furget it was time for my yearly vaccinations and exam.  This year I have a sis-fur to keep me company in the exam room so I guess it wont be so bad.
Lucy I better not get roped into anything other than moral support.

Onward to the vet!

Wait Poppy one more selfie...EEk Monday's don't agree with you do they Poppy?

Ok, hid then, Ill navigate.

We have arrived at Colonial Park Vet Hospital.

Just checking the smells.

I found me my very own seat momma.

Oh hello Miss Receptionist....Wanna be frens?

Oh I bet the puppy coming in would wanna be frens.  He looks friendly.

Lucy they are calling you!

Once in the room I got my exam table selfie.

As we waited for the Dogtor we could hear a pet owner pleading wif his puppy to sit still on da scale.  I wanted so bad to get out there and help!

I think I hear her coming.

Upon exam she said I look good, sound good, have a healthy coat, and my knees are bouts the same.  I did let her know we took Dr. Wursters advise and got on Cosequin.

Its vaccine time.  Just an oral kennel cough booster and one little ol' poke to prevent parvo/distemper?  Thats pawsome!  I love Texas' law that says dogs only need a Rabies vaccination every 3 years.  Less pokes for me! YEA!!!!

I am a big brave dog, I am a big brave dog....Wait what you are done already?  My sisfur bites harder than that.

Darn skippy I do!

Momma paid my tab and I was all smiles back in the car.

But I am getting a furry bit sweepy...I may need a pre supper nap.

Onward home please.  Oh Lucy you got me thinking about supper.  Wanna split a can of salmon food? Sure.

I dreamed about salmon supper all da way home.

Remember pups its best to follow the local laws and your veterinarians protocol on choosing what vaccines you need due to pawsonal risk factors. 

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  1. It's so nice to be DONE with the visit and not need more pokeys for a whole year!