Friday, April 19, 2019

The Sights and Adventures of Spring

Lucy, Gracie look!  The sun is shining, its 66 degrees and not a rain cloud in sight!  Lets go outside!

What ever shall we do first?

No no Lucy no bitey games right now. 


First we must help grandpa put the do-dad back on....

...the thingamajig.

Next we shall patrol the yard.

Check the perimeter.

Ensuring no spot is left unsniffed.

Once that is finished we can sit back and....

...Enjoy the view.

Oh, yes momma, are you wanting me to pose for a quick picture?

Since you twisted me paw. 

Close up wif lotsa tongue. Its my best angle after all.

I have reached maximum sun time.

I am ready to retire inside now.

Lucy and Poppy

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