Thursday, April 18, 2019

Helping Doggy Nanny Cook

*Sniff* * Sniff* Smells like Doggy Nanny is getting food stuffs out...Do you smell it Lucy?  Yep!

Noodles, tomato sauce, and nutmeg?  She thought it was the Thyme...Oops.

Do you need any assistance?  I am happy to help.

Really, I am.  I could taste test it for you. Oh, its almost ready?!?!?

Onto the feast!

We are mighty good cooks.

Grandpa didn't even notice the pasta dish had nutmeg instead of thyme, he even said what ever Doggy Nanny did made it better.  Could we get a little nutmeg on our turkey?  Just for scientific research purposes.

Lucy and Poppy

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