Sunday, April 14, 2019

OTCWF Beginner Scent Work - Week 3

Oh boy oh boy!  It Tuesday and Tuesdays are class day!!!!

This class has been the best yet!  When we arrived Jackson and his mom were already there and I might have asked for a piece of cheese and gotten some...

....then stuck my head in their bag to get more.  No photo so it may not have happened but it could have.  (Wink Wink it totally happened).

After that while we waited for class to start  momma caught me gazing at Jackson and thought it was cute.  

This week Miss Martha added more boxes and more objects (cones and foldup chairs) to our search area.  She also said our pawrents can start working on a gate routine like using the start command such as "Find it" or "Search", adding a sit before entering the gate, or putting our harnesses on to signal we are "working".  Miss Martha said that she always keeps her dog on a leash and collar for walking and the only time he is in a harness is when they are training or entering the ring for trial.  So his gate routine (during practice or trail) is they go up to the gate, put on his harness and she gives the command "find it" when ready to begin.  Together momma and I decided on "Search" as "find it" is my command for finding a treat hidden in a puzzle.....or purse for a photo op.  BOL!  Anyhoo Miss Martha handed off the ring searches to the co trainer Kelly.  We got 3 searches each.  

Then one by one we got a special session with Miss Martha.  She taught us that we need to add in staying with the scent.  So we do a set up of containers/boxes with the scent tin in one.  As we find that scent tin we get our usual treat.  We do a quick walk around and if we pay more attention to it such as look that way or sniff in that direction we get extra treats thrown in the container.  Paying attention to the scent means treats fall from the sky.  If we go back over to the scent tin of our own accord and check it out (like putting our head in the container..maybe thats just a me thing) we just get rapid fire treats/jackpot.  That was AWESOME!!!!!  I caught on to that furry quick.  

Back in the mirror room Kelly also said the pawrents need to watch their dogs and see if we are showing a behavior change  when we locate the scent source.  Most did.  Chance does a fast wag when searching but a slow wag when he finds the source.  Kona, the presa canario, holds his tail high when searching but lowers it when he finds the source.  It was very interesting to see these very slight changes.  Unfortunately neither Kelly or momma could spot my tell.  I am a furry fast searcher so its kinda difficult.  Plus I got a furry short tail...not sure why....just do. So it doesn't fly around like the other puppies tails.  #tailenvy but my nose works and thats what really matters. 

When there was a lull in the searches I get get a good game of jump and catch me with the beautiful blonde labbie girl named Akira.  She would bop me on the head  and I would shake my fanny at her and we bounced and played.  Oh it was super fun.  Makes me want a labbiedor again.  :)

This class seemed to fly by and all too soon the next class was waiting to get in the room.  I said my good byes to as many puppers and I could and we hit the road.  


Ps...Mommas been working a lot of overtime, thats why theres been a lull in our blogs.  But she did redecorate her desk wif more doggy stuff.

Ps.2...The car is acting up again.  Mommas been upset over it.  We will be taking it in tomorrow to get checked out.

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