Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Momma Threatened to Sell Us To The Gypsies!

Last week after scent work class we ran to Walmarts grocery pick up, we were low on yum yum bones, and on the way home at a stop light the car just starting flashing stuffs and powered down.  Seconds later the light turned green and we were stuck.  Momma put on da flashing arrows,  put the car in park and turned the key to off.  All the cars behind us had to go around, it was embarrassing.  She tried to turn over the key and the car wouldn't start.  Eventually the light turned red again so we had a moment to breath.  We just left the car alone.  Then momma tried again and it started.  We got half way home and it happened again.  So momma turned everything off and put it in park.  Turned the car back on as the light turned green and we made it home.  We all breathed a sigh of relief.  The next morning momma made it to work fine, home at lunch and back to work again fine.  Quitting time came and we had a quick pee break, loaded up and headed to Firestone.  

We turned the MM over to the staff and said give it the full work up.  While we waited I was being a perfect puppy and people watched.  Meanwhile Lucy began the evening by hopping out of the stroller and onto the nice people chairs in the lobby. Then she was destroying the blankie system by rooting around under it.   She was growling and yipping and causing a scene trying to get a good game of blankie monster going. 

 She then kept tossing her chew chew on the floor...after a while momma said tough milk bones and refused to give it back.  Momma picked her up and held her so she would shut up...I mean be less rowdy.  After a bit she thought Lucy would like to sit down wif me again, now Lucy is furry sensitive under her arms...don't know why just is....and when momma tried to put her back in the stroller it bothered Lucys under arms and Lucy growlied at momma.  Causing yet another scene.  The man next to us said "You have an unruly little one huh?"  Momma turned all shades of red.  Finally the car doctor came out to tell us what was wrong.  Lucy got all excited nearly fell out of the stroller into the car doctors lap.  Then I got a little upset wif the car doctor being eye to eye wif me and I growlied.  Momma said sorry for us.  She was then told it was the radiator that was cracked and leaking causing the issues with the MM.  We booked an appt for the next day to bring it in as a drop off and we took the MM home for the night.  Momma told us on the way home if we don't shape up she was gonna sell us to gypsies wif no refund policy.  EEK!  The next day we got a furry short lunch break wif momma as she had to meet grandpa at Firestone to drop off the car then get back to work within the hour.  She made it wif 9 minutes to spare.  The car was finished just before 4 when she got off work  and grandpa picked her up and took her back to get the MM.  So far so good and its running like new.

So glad grandpa and Doggy Nanny could help us out cause its no fun being stranded.  Thanks a bunch Grandpa and Doggy Nanny!!!!  

Lucy and Poppy
*As of now not yet sold to the gypsies and still living in TX wif momma*


  1. Uh-oh!! I'm sure she didn't really mean it, guys.

  2. Lady has never threatened to sell us to gypseies but she has said she would set us free. Glad the car is fixed. Oh and Hailey loves blanket monster!