Monday, April 22, 2019

OTCWF - Beginner Scent Work - Week 4

Another class has come and gone.  This class marks the half way mark.  Time FLIES when your having fun. 

I did not scam any cheese this week from Jackson's mom.  I mena, I tried, I just wasnt given any.

 We split up with bigs and littles.  First we were with Miss Martha.  She added elevated hides this time.  

She said our tins were made of magic (edit by momma: there is a rare earth magnent in our practice tin) and can stick to metal folding chairs.  I looked all overs that chair and by golly it was stuck vertically to the back leg.  That was cool!  She even balanced a treat atop the tin.  SCORE!  We did a few rounds of this and regular box hids with bonus treats for staying at the source.  

Each one of us littles were ready to search and were pulling at the leash to get going as soon as we got into the ring.  Thats one thing I love about scent work its literally all about me doing my thing and momma just following.  I don't get in trouble for pulling to go my way, sticking my head in to random boxes or eating things I find on the ground.  And those are the things in life I enjoy!  

Next we went to the puppy room with Miss Kelly.  She had scent traps set up.  Its a bunch of plasic bins wif holes in the side on top of our scent tin.  This way we can't touch the treats.  We had to keep showing interest wif sniffing, pawing or looking to momma to let her know which bin to pick up and reveal the treats.  Momma thought for sure I would knock the bin over myself but I was a lady and just stared at it while awaiting my treat.  

Then I got to use the plumbing pipe board.  Within the pipe is a secret hole in the back for the scent tin and at the end of the pipe there were treats.  The pipes were on a board making them right at head height for me.  Miss Kelly had us start at one end with momma pointing down at the pipes and giving the search command.  I slowed down right before the pipe with the scent and then noticed the treats.  Yipee!  

We waited in the main room while the other littles went through the puppy room doing the pipes and scent traps.  About 6:50 the intermediate class started trickling in and one pup  came in that looked just like aunt Gracie but a tad more blonde and had a full tail.  His name was Wolfie and was as playful as me!  We got a little time to play bow and jump around.  He sure was a sweetie. 

 Momma got to talking to his momma and found out the other dog with her husband was an Australian Kelpie.  Mommas never gotten to see one in the fur before.  She was a pretty girl and so petite.  Then all too soon the clock struck 7 and it was time to go.  I said my good byes and we headed out.  

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