Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hoppy Easter

Look who I got to visit with this year.  The Easter Bunny!  She was so sweet and kind and loved my kisses!

Unfortuntely I was captured by that bunny too and it didn't sit well wif me!  I am not a fan of this grabby hold-ee stuffs.

Any hoo....

Hoppy Easter!
Lucy and Poppy

Even back at the car when momma asked how I felt....I was still furry suspicious!

I always imagined bunnys as nice creatures.  *Ponders life*


  1. Happy Easter Poppy and Lucy. Hope you got lots of treats for having to be bunny handled.

  2. I have not met the Bunny or Santa Paws because Momma is not sure how I'd do with a big stranger suddenly wanting a picture.