Monday, December 30, 2019

Intermediate Scent Work Final Week

Due to personal reasons we weren't able to to attend the final class for intermediate.  My trainer was so kind as to send us an email with the lessons that were gone over.  Week 7 they worked on increasing number of boxes for handler discrimination, containers in the form of a circle, and elevation in interiors.  A new concept was shown about commitment to source even when the handler moves.  We can practice this one at home by having the handler move around as long as we stay with source treats are pitched out way.  Once given a release command we can leave.  But if I leave before the release treats stop.  This will help with issues of false alerts from handlers inadvertently pulling dogs off odor or cuing hide location.  There were also review searches done at the local Tractor Supply.  Vehicles, interiors and exteriors. 

Sniffs, Lucy

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