Friday, December 13, 2019

Lunch Time Grooming Run

I am scheduled every 6 weeks with Miss Pat now.  She is my official groomer.  She grooms on Wednesday afternoons so that is my official grooming time slot.  Our new routine for grooming will be as follows.  At mommas lunch break she will come and pick me up and then she dropped me off at Margots.  Today I went in and said hello to every groomer working.  Asked politely that they stop working and give me belly rubs.  They were happy to do so.  :)

After work momma hurried right over to pick me up.  She found me being furry polite and chilling in my kennel.  She sneakily took a photo before I realized she was there. 

Hi Pepper!  Nice Photobomb!

Then Miss Pat tried to collar me...didn't work.  She had to get me out of my kennel let me get my wiggles out then collar me.  As soon as the gate opened I burst out to show momma my new furcut and pretty collar pom pom from Miss Pat! 

Oh I feel fresh and pretty!

Time to get rid of the groomer smell. 

Engage hEad RuB!


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