Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Santa's Naughty List?

Why oh why do I do this.  Why am I like this.  Seems every December my destructive side comes out and bam....I risk being put on the naughty list.  This time momma left a brand new bag of kibble at Lucy level and well this happened.  Not one but two holes. What can I say the kibbles in the bag smelled better than the ones in my bowl.  Even though its the same brand and formula.  I did my signature "hole in the back of the bag" x2  maneuver and bam free kibble.

Anyhoo the kibbles were able to be scooped up into a trash bag and transferred to the vittle vault.  Here are the remnants of my work.

Now technically I kind of feel this is mommas fault.  You leave something out that is edible at my level your setting me up for failure.  So does that mean I get a reprieve off of Santa's Naughty List?



  1. It's TOTALLY your momma's fault. She should be on the naughty list!

  2. Sometimes these sort of accidents just happen. Happy Howlidaze!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. It was clearly left for you to open. It was not naughty.