Monday, December 16, 2019

Visiting Santa Paws

What a magical day!!!  We awoke furry early in anticipation of getting to see Santa Paws.  We ate breakfast, combed our furs and set out for Petsmart.  We have arrived!

Let's Go!!!!

We got in line...

...and fluffed up our furs again. 

I'm ready momma, I got this!

Lucy went first.  Awww!   No guilt gut this year. Much inprovement!!!!

Finally it was my turn.  Momma handed me off.  I was ok.  I looked back at momma then back at Santa.  I told him everything I wanted.  New clothes,  treats and toys if he saw fit.  Once my turn was over I was given back to momma and given lots of cuddles for being a good girl. 

Afterwards we went to Doggy Nannys house to tell her all about our adventure.  On the way home Poppy melted and I was her pillow.  Puppy paralysis is real friends.  I couldn't move the entire ride home she was sleeping so soundly. 

Lucy and Poppy

Side note from the momma: We have been working hard on behaviors in public.  With Poppy at Doggy Nanny's she barking less at grandpa.  Shifting her focus to me.  At Petsmart I had her in the front part of the buggy and a friend from her training class came to say hello to us.  She mentioned that Poppy looked less fearful and was well behaved.  She reached to pet her and I was fine with that as Poppy wasn't showing signs of being afraid.  Poppy just simply turned around crawled out of the buggy and into my arms.  I could not have been more proud.  Instead of barking and/or nipping she just left the situation.  She turned to me as someone to protect her and knew I wouldn't let anything bad happen. 

Along with this another situation (no photos it was an impromptu to trip to petco) a family wanted to say hello both girls were walking on leash.  I allowed it as both were behaving quite nicely.  Lucy stayed standing allowed petting and kept checking in with me.  I asked Poppy to leave it, she did and just stood next to me with her little body pressed against my ankle.  No barking, no pulling, no fear.  Just left the situation (situation being people coming up to us) and watched her sister. 

My ability to stay calm in situations and my girls ability to trust me is a big deal.  We are all working as a team.  I have never really had this and it feels great.  That is not to say we don't have bad moments where we look like a true circus act but as we always say practice makes progress.  These girls have totally different needs and I have to find balance within myself to ensure we are all taken care of. 


  1. You two look so good with Santa Paws. Congrats to Poppy for doing so well and for your momma for working so hard to help you through those sometimes scary situations.

  2. You grrls look fangtastic with Santa! I'm sure he'll bring you everything you ask for.