Sunday, July 7, 2019

MANIC PANIC - Cotton Candy Pink

So......momma came home with this.  

She said that with this product I can have a pink tail...Yep you read that statement right I can color my tail pink!!!  My response was "Um yes please!"

Momma went light on the application of the gel since this was our test phase.  Then she wrapped my tail in tin foil and said I have to sit for 30 minutes.  I gave her furry suspicious eyes for this part! 30 minutes later we rinsed the product out of my tail. 

Here are the final results.  It is lighter than expected but it sure is fun!

Here are a few shots we got in the car on our way to retrieve Lucy from her spa day just to see how it looks in the sun light.

Since it has no harsh chemicals we can reapply (and leave in longer per our research) to hopefully achieve a nice bright pink.  Until then I am just rocking my baby pink tail like a boss!

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