Friday, July 16, 2021

Spa Day Wif Aunt Gracie

 Aunt Gracie came up with a simply fabulous idea.  We should go to the spa together for a puppies day out.  

Doggy Nanny agreed to chauffeur us and said Poppy can come over to her house while we are at the spa.  She didn't want her to get lonely.  So Friday the 2nd we loaded up and went to work with momma.  We actually got to go inside this time and see all the peoples as mommas boss was on vacation.  SCORE!!!!  We will show you photos of that tomorrow but back to the spa day.  A little after 8 Doggy Nanny drove up and told us to hop in jeep.  Bye Momma

Gracie let me up front with you!

Ok fine, I will take one more picture!

No Poppy I am sitting up front with Gracie!  I called it first!


Lucy you are quite rude!  I foresee a neck bite in your future.

Once momma got off work she zoomed right over to see how my haircut looked and see how our spa day went.  I told her all about how nice Mr Dan and Mrs Cindy were.  

Momma ooh-ed and ahh-ed over my furs.  

Then I literally fell over from exhaustion.  Entertaining and socializing with the groomers all day was ruff work!

Momma I ready to go home now.

Once home I caught my second wind and did my post groom head rub.

*Into the thick of it* *into the thick of it* *UGH*

And before the night was over I was bathed due to the fact that "Lucys clean you have to be clean too".   RUDE!


Lucy N Poppy

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