Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Josie's 7th Birthday Pawty

 Saturday July 24th we were invited to celebrate the 7th Birthday of dear sweet Josie!  

Look at her all dolled up in her birthday dress!  Always looking fabulous. 

We were first to arrive.  After we said our hellos we went into the back yard to sniff around.  Josie's neighbors were the next to arrive.  This is Mr Banjo the 4 month old Corgi pup.  And boy did he look spiffy in that polkadot bowtie.  

Miss Cindy may or may not have caught me kissing the little whipper snapper.

Next to arrive were Douglas, his pawrents and their good friend Carol.  

We greeted everyone and shockingly every single pup got along with all the other pups and peoples.  

Miss carol I see you have food....I too do enjoy food.  :)

Mr Banjo was the life of the party.  Shaking his adorable fluffy but and rolling around.

Me and Banjo hanging out.

Mr Douglas hanging out in the shade.  It reached a mind blowing 100 degrees that day.  

I was so hot Poppy did the sploots on this rug.  

Banjos mom decided he needed to take a dip in the pool.  He didn't really agree.  Here he is giving our momma sad eyes about his wet furs.

Mr Banjo coming to say hello to me.

Poppy still over on her rug relaxing.

I officially hit pancake status.  

In a surprising turn of events more of Banjo's sister Bebe (Tan Chihuahua) joined the pawty.  

I decided to hop up in an open chair for added comfort.  Meanwhile...

Momma was oohing and...

awwwing....over the adorable fluff butt.  

Miss Cindy pulled out the treats and boy we all came a runnin'.

Miss Cindy you have our undivided attention.  

The treats were a mere distraction as the hooman food was ready to be served.  Silly hoomans!

We all made a bee line for the hoomans to see if we could score some people food. 

We each went to other people than our pawrents.  The odds were better this way. 

Lucy scored a hot dog bite.  I got a nibble.  Banjo got lots of little bits and bobs.  

When the hoomans were finished eating we heard there might be cake. 

I set myself up where I could easily see the cake when it was brought out. 

Meanwhile Douglas went for a swim and used the rug as his towel. 

Nice moves!

Go Douglas Go

Next up was present time for the Birthday Girl. 

 We all came to inspect the presents.  

We all had a blast watching....


...each present Miss Josie got.  

Ooh thats a pretty collar Miss Josie it will look great with your furs.  

Since Miss Josie loves her pool so much we got her some aquatic themed toys.  Little Seahorses.  

Then it was time for CAKE!!!!

We sang happy birthday.

And were given our own pup cakes.


Post cake we all were feeling sleepy and found a place to rest.

The hoomans talked and talked all too soon it was time to head for home.  We said our goodbyes and once we hit the car I found my usual spot in front of the ac.

Poppy on the other paw feel asleep the moment her leash was unclipped. 

Josie thanks for inviting us!  We had a blast.  Wishing you a happy barkday and many more!


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