Friday, October 8, 2021

Spotlight Wichita Falls - A Ride to Remember and Vision - Mane Event Statues

 We did a post about the Mane event last year.  However we are still hunting and finding some of the beautiful works of art.  Today we are spotlighting a Mare and Foal by artist Marsha Reeves.   Painted in 2007 and reside at 813 8th St. Wichita Falls.  The front of A Ride to Remember features the Lucy Park swimming pool, the Wichita Theater, and  a Long horn cow among some blue bonnets. On Vision the foal we have the large winding interstate that goes through our city. 

This pair showcases maps of our city and special landmarks.  On Vision the foal we have some of the popular food stops such as McBride Steakhouse and el Gordos.  Along side those is a birds eye view of down town with popular landmarks such as the railroad, Big Blue, The MPEC, Wichita Falls Police Dept., Harold Jones Park, the Rail road Museum and the Farmers Market.

On A Ride to Remember we have the train depo that literally put Wichita Falls on the map, the first grocery store J-A-Kemp wholesale grocery, the first post office.

Further up showcased here is the iconic "Falls" of Wichita Falls as well as the Wichita county court house and jail.  Last but not least on Vision the foal we have Sheppard Airforce Base.  

I just love digging into history especially when its combined with beautiful art!!!!!  


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