Sunday, January 14, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #1 - 2018

Wednesday Janruary 10th, we woke up early, picked out a purple leash/collar, grabbed the treat bag and headed out. 

We drove right by Aunt Gracies house, which made me sad but momma said "Just wait I have a better place to show you then you can go to Gracies house.".  We arrived  at the Obedience and Training Center of Wichita Falls.  As we parked the MM, we saw a little Shih-Tzu, a Pyrenees, and not one but TWO Chinese Crested dogs entering the building.  OH MY DOG!!!!  Once we got inside we took a seat next to the Pyr, I do believe he is the biggest dog I have met to date.   I got in a quick sniff before the instructor said no nose to nose.  Drat!  But anyhoo we waited while more pups joined.  There was a black mini poodle boy, oh he was just simply handsome!  Then a Chi-weenie, a schnauzer mix, a small standard poodle, and two toy austrailian shepherds.  After everyone arrived we checked out their collar closet.  Yep they have a collar closet too!!!!!  I got a pretty purple martingale style training collar and momma got a black leather leash.  Miss Connie said this type of leash is easier to work with as its less slippery in your hand.  After our first training session using it momma agrees!!!

We divided into 2 groups and our instructor was Miss Connie.  She worked with her Merle Corgi.  We first learned about the bucket game.  Our pawrents sit on a bucket with a treat in their hand.  Once we offer sit/down calmly and give eye contact we get the treat.  This game is hard!  But I do enjoy playing.

 After that we worked on heel.  You will remember I had the most difficult time with this last year.  Well today I felt like a big girl and put my best paw forward and got it done!  We had to do left side sits.  No problem.  Then momma learned with heel you have to lead off with your left foot.  (Miss Connie explained the reason behind heeling on the left is from police dog work.  Policemen need to have the dogs on their left so they can use their dominate hand for gun/important stuff)  Cool milk bones!!!  Then we did heel in a circle around the room.  The pawrents had to keep our attention and I did fairly well with this, although I did sneaks onto the window sill and into the office, but just one time each.  A girls gotta have some fun right!  We also added halt when our pawrents stop we sit.  This one I remembered from Petsmart and we practice this a lot when we are out.  Once we were heeling, halting and keeping our focus on our moms Miss Connie added about-turns.  Oh my!  The pawrents have to turn away from the dog, we have to keep focus and turn together with our pawrents then keep heel.  When Miss Connie annouced About Turn it was like we had done this all our life and didn't miss a beat.  Momma was so proud!  We did a few more drills of heel, about-turn, halt, repeat. 

We received our homework booklets and were dismissed.  We stopped for a quick pic outside the training center.  *CHEESE* Momma said she was so proud of how well I focused during the exercises.  Its a sure sign I am growing up to be a big girl.

Then I got to go to Gracies house to tell her all bouts my morning.  Momma had to go to work for training on her day off.  She said it was cool because she is learning a new account called Schwans and she will be given green papers in exchange for her pawticipation.  :)

Anyhoo, I think I need to go work on my homework now so I can show Miss Connie I am eager to learn!  I can't wait to see what she has to teach us next week.



  1. Sounds like you did really well at class!!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. You might just be the best student EVER!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Grreat job, Lucy! I never liked heel much. I like to look around when I'm walking.