Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chilly Day Walkies

 Its been chilly here in TX.  So I've been using my hoodies quite regularly.

On this particular walk I chose my camo hoodie. 

I found some constructions.  Momma can I go check it out.

No?  You sure?

Momma this is not as interesting.  I wanna go back and check out the construction please.

On another walkie it was a few degrees warmer and I decided to go with my yellow  vest.  Look my shadow puppy!

I always stop at corners.  Practicing my halt and go. 

And on a very recent walk it was bitterly cold with a harsh cold wind.  So I broke out my heavy red hoodie.  It was a nice ride until we showed up at the little field we had been frequenting and they had barbed wire across the entrance and a no trespassing sign up.  DRAT!

Have you been having fun walkies lately?  Thankfully the weather app has had some better numbers on it for momma's days off so hopefully I can shed these hoodies and run free!!!



  1. Yeah, it's been a little chilly lately! We don't take very long walkies anymore because of my heart, but we love exploring our new neighborhood!

  2. What an exciting walkies.
    Butt, well, I didn't fink it got that cold in TX although it is a good excuse to wear your gorgeous outfit
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I has been gettin lotsa walks - everyday!