Thursday, January 25, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #3 - 2018

 Wednesday mornings come very bright and awful early!  :) However I'm always up for the adventure.  Here is a shot of all of the gear.

This week we did drills of the heel with about turns, left u turn, halt and sit/stays.  I had a hard time focusing at the beginning.  And well there was a reason for it, I had a little accident in the training arena.  I didn't have to go when we left the house but all the heel work I had to go.  But once we cleaned up and we got our groove going we did achieve a  left u turn.  Momma was so proud.  We had been trying this week at home but couldn't quite get it.  I can do them when I am on my table and momma has the treat at nose level but when I am on the ground it was much harder.  Mrs. Connie added circles (which for the humans was furry confusing), down stays, and proper returns (instead of the human pivoting from heel, to in front of us, then back to heel for stays, they would walk all the way around us back to heel position).  I was not having any of that, I get a little worried when big feet go near me.  So Left u turns and proper returns will be the focus this week at home.  After heel work we worked on "leave it".  I have had practice with this one.  But we each got a turn to walk thorugh the leave it maze set up by Mrs. Connie and had to "leave it" while keeping heel.  Momma says I did well.  Mrs Connie also reviewed how to work on sitting for exam and visited with each doggie in the class (this is step one that will lead us to stand for exam like the show doggies).  She said we need helpers to assist.  I bet Doggy Nanny will help!  We also got a tip to keep me going straight on my halt/sits.  We should work next to a wall so it helps keep me in line.  My tooshie has a mind of its own and sometimes strays outward.   This weeks photo....yep I have a furry over my eye.  Thankfully I have a grooming session coming up.  I need a good spa day!

After class we went to Aunt Gracies for a bitey face session.  I had to counter act all the obedience with some bitey.  :)  Then we went for a nice golf card ride.  We stopped in the park to do a few quick heel practices.  I nailed the left u turn again but we waited on circles.  After that we stopped in Petsmart to use our coupon, and momma actually remembered to bring it wif her.  My food is regularly $35.99, was on sale for $32.99, we price matched from the website down to $28.69 then redeemed the $10 coupon making the bag of food only $18.69.  Momma did a little happy dance!  Saving green papers makes her down right giddy.

When we got home momma took off my training gear, went to put away her stuff, turned back around and saw this....

...I fell asleep 3 seconds after I got home and took quite a long nap.  Its hard being obedient all day!