Friday, January 26, 2018

Story Time about Sticks

Welcome furiends, today I have a story time blog for you to enjoy. 

Sticks are one of my favorite toys.  They are inexpensive, tasty and abundantly available.

I stay busy for hours just chewing, nibbling and shredding them.

So everyday when momma picks me up Doggy Nanny and Grandpa tell her about the days events.  Lately its been chilly and I don't want to do my stick chewing outside so I use the convenient doggy door to run out grab a stick (or in some cases a pecan) and bring them inside.

Once inside I get to chewing and shredding.  This is whats left when I am done just little stick fragments.

Doggy Nanny is always so nice and helps me pick them all up off the floor or the chair or the couch or well you get the idea.  :)

Then I am usually worn out from all the searching, chewing and cleaning.  Nap time.

Then I repeat the process again the next day.  Ahh what a grand time I have!  Grandpa told momma about the day I even tried to bring a GIANT stick in but was stopped because the it wouldn't fit through the doggy door.  Seems we may need to think of upgrading to a great dane sized doggy door.  I can't be limited on stick size.  You never know how much shredding needs to be done to keep me busy. 

Oh, before I go, speaking of pecans recently I had a pesky pecan that kept running off from me.  I would bring it up the ramp set it down and you know what every time it rolled away, like multiple times.  Seriously what is up with that?  So sad.  It must have been rotten.  Yep thats what had to have happened, it turned rotten. 


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  1. It's a good thing you didn't eat that rotten pecan! It's nice of you to give Doggy Nanny some exercise cleaning up your stick.