Sunday, August 27, 2023

My First Puppy Pawty & Meeting Duncan and Dexter

 Momma....I dont wanna wear clothes....I wanna go nekkid like sissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cut to.....We have arrive.  And Shock...Im still fully clothed.  I don't like this momma.  

Momma Im melting!

Lets get in the AC

Ooh fluffy pupper.

Yes Cora Im coming.

Once inside I gave momma sad eyes.  I was partially melted.  

Poppy on the other paw was ready for action.  

See Miss Cindy kept posting that Duncan and Dexter were these wild tornado puppies....

Oh...Is this what she meant?

hehe...Silly pupper.
Oh snap peas....

Get down Dexter you mommas coming.

Im still melted and frozen in fear at this point.  Ive never seen so many hoomas and dogs in one place.

Here they are Dexter (l) and Duncan (r).  Oh my dog are they not the cutest little Beatzus you have ever seen!!!!

Hi handsome my names Cora....

Nice to meets you boff.

.Sissy where did you go?

Look at you sitting at the table like a hooman.

Hi Dexter.  

Sorry bub I can't help you back on the table.

Miss Cindy showing off the boys danas.  OMD too cute!

Poppy checking out the goings on outside.  Allthe men out there cooking and talking hooman stuffs.

While us ladies are just sippin drinks and chatting about pups.

Speaking of ladies here is Miss Josie.

I tried my best to mind my manners.

But I did end up napping a bit here....

...and there.... this....

and like that.

Poppy still keeping an eye out on the outdoor activities...

Meanwhile watching over me.  

Then Miss Fancy arrived and boy was she the fanciest thing Dexter and Duncan had ever seen.

They were mesmerized by her long flowing coat.

They sat with her and followed her everywheres.

I was still napping.

Sneak attack!

I think they call this...



Oh no sibling interference.

Duncan I want her all to myself.

Doing a perimeter check again.

Hi miss Fancy

You are looking lovely today.

Hi Fancy!

Liver alone cheese mine!

Still napping.


What?  Im just looking outside...I can see better from up here.

And look who got brave.  Miss Cora

Hi efurryone, I coras.  

So many smells.


Hi Dexter...

Where ya going?

Hi friend....I see you has cheese.  I do enjoy cheese as well.

EEK!  Scary dog....

...big big dog...

Mother helps!


Yes hello...can you help me?



Hes right beside me isnt he?


Anyhoo momma got foods and shared wif me some cheeses.

That perked me up.  BTW that little spot on my neck is from me not liking wearing a collar.  Its furry itchy to my delicate self.

But alas momma refuses to let me be nekkid.

Then she just kept snapping pictures.  Enjoy.

Nap time.

Miss Fancy would you like a slice of cake?

Then it was us hounds turn to get to eating.

As they say....LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!!

I got hand fed by momma.

After cake we got doggie popscicles with blue berries.  Total YUM!

Then I started getting sleepy again.

I could barely keep my wee widdle eyes open.

Even the tornados were down graded to just rain clouds. 

Finally I got my wish and I got nekkid.

Boy I slept like a baby!

This major bash was for Duncan and Dexter turning 1 year old.

Miss Josie turning 9 years old.

and Miss Buffy turning 13 years old!

Cake, toys, balloons and decor!

Happy Birthday every one!


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