Thursday, August 10, 2023

New Clothes Who Dis!

 When I came to live here momma thought I would be a cold natured girlie and with my fair skin I might be sensitive to the sun so she needed to find me some out fits.  I had some handmedowns but they were big and everything poppy wears it gigantic on me. So Poppy referred me to Mydah a local dog clothing distributer.  They have little pup clothes. says insert card....whats a card?

Here let me help sissy I know how to work the machine and I know the passcode.

After getting the green papers we drove to the meeting spot.  There she is!

Thankfully she had xs which is perfect for me.  We found all the pretty pink stuff.  

I got a widdle scared to try on stuffs.  I dont much like clothes right now. dis?

Don't worry momma come winter she will be begging for them.  

I do feel bonita!!!

I stored all my stuffs in this pretty container my first owner got me.  


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  1. What adored pups. This makes me smile. I was sorry to read about Lucy's passing. Best wishes, my dears.