Sunday, August 6, 2023

Little Moments

 When we got home from animal services we got a call from a neighbor to puppy sit Josie till her mom could be found.  I fell asleep right away.

Then I heard my name being called. "oome Cora"...."Come"

I wasn't sure if I could get all the way up on the big rocker with momma and Poppy.

But once I did.....I was out like a light.

Momma...thats close enough.

Across from me is Miss Pop.  Snoozin.

Momma ended up snoozin too.  when she woke up she heard a crinkle noise.  It was me rolling around on a toy.

Just feelin frisky as all get out.  

This was us moments later.  Snug in mommas lap.

Outside I was still being leashed...something about me being so tiny I would fit though the fence or something.  OK. 

But I just like to sniff...

and walk around with Poppy.

She is so super cool yall!

Shes been telling me all about the squirrels that run on the on the fence.

Stray cats in the alley.  All sounds so exciting.

I do venture off on my own from time to time.  

Look momma...Im as big as poppy.

I also have this wonderful here at my new home.  Its a Cora Cave.  I have a warm blankie to cuddle in, a chewie (btw those things are awesome), and I have learned how to get out of my clothes thus the pink shirt.  BOL.  

But momma insists I wear things.  Here I have a hoodie, harness, collar, and leash on.  Momma Im a dog not a pack mule.

I definately see why Poppy loves this yard so much its so BIG!!!!!

One last thing.  Momma has this weird obsession of getting in the car all da time.  I dont really understand it but I do get to sit in my bubble so for now Ill allow it.  



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