Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Cora's First (of Many) Vet Visits and the Return Trip to TX

 When we picked up Cora the only shots she had were given were not done at a licensed vet.  So momma kinda panicked  and started cold calling vets to get her a rabies shot before we traveled 2.5 hours home.  And a heartworm test to ease her own worry.  BOL Silly Momma!  Shawnee Vet Clinic was super sweet and said if we just head that way they would work us in as a walkin appointment.  

Upon arrival the only parking spot available was the one with a full size chicken painting.  Momma said it was a sign from her mom in heaven.  Mommas momma loved chickens...had the whole house decorated with them.  Momma said she knew Cora was sent to us from heaven.  

Once inside there was art everywheres.  This one was in the waiting room.

Ma'am...they kidnapped me...can you help me?  I am scared.

No ma'am shes joking...quiet!  

Cora then waited patiently.

I checked out the lobby....they must have had some great danes in here recently....look at them paw prints.

I still don't like it here....its scaries.

Why are there needles and a big plastic thing wif my name on it???

I don't like this!

Ok...ill go home with you if we can leave now.

Unfortunately that didn't happen.  I was stripped....poked in the arm once and twice in the butt...then they snipped off all my toes.  It was embarrassing!  Humiliating....down right wrong.

Its ok Cora....we endure small pokies but we get bravery badges, good foods, car rides, and all that.  I promise it won't be like this all the time.  

By the time the shots were over we got the heartworm test results and got the best news ever!  She is negative!!!!!  Yea!!!!!!  Good Work Sissy!

Then we waited in the lobby for our paperwork.

We got to see hairless cats.  EEK!  Too cute!!!

After we collected sissys things and paid we went to the car.  There was a brief stare off....Poppy....on a pillow.

...Cora on the quilts....

...The look of uncertainty...

The grand sniff down.

Don't worry I just a wee one too.

Although you are kinda shrimpy.

Anyhoo I gotta get in my carseat. With that the rest is history.  We didn't make a peep till we got back to chichasha and stopped for a potty break.  

While I was doing my thing Cora got brave and hopped up in the carseat.

I can see the whole world from up heres!

Eeek...I can't look down.  Too scary!

Oh snap peas....yall caught me!

oh its ok for me to be heres?

fank you furry much!

Momma then tried to put a harness on Cora there was no way it would fit. So she just scooped her back up and put her in the front carseat so if she had an accident it would be ok.  

I am furry scared!

Ok....fank you for bwankies.


Beautiful skies the whole way home.

Not much traffic especially after we were past OKC.

As we hit Warika we spotted storms to the west.

They grew closer....

...and closer with each mile.

Soon enough we were back in Texas.

We made it to Doggy Nannys moments before the storms hit.  Whew!

The next blog will be all about seeing doggy nanny, gracie, grandpa, uncle teddy and aunt net.

Borks and Squeaks,
Poppy and Cora

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