Friday, August 25, 2023

More Bathing....For What?!!!???

 I was peacefully relaxing with my chew chew on my favorite blankie....I heard momma...

....putting things in a bag but I didn't pay much attention to it.  I don't know what bags are or what they mean.

...Then this happened!  Yes she dunked me in the sink....put smelly stuffs on me and drowned me.  And she had the audacity to take my picture.  Red Laser Eyes ENGAGE!!!!

She towel dried me but boy was I mad!


...take that!



Yes momma I mads!

Why would you drown an innocent lil girlie like me.  I didn't do nuffin!


As if that wasn't bad enough she got sissy too.  Sissys face says it all she numb to the pain.

The sissy was too stunned to speak.

Cora I've learned with momma you just gotta shake it off!  Shake it oFFF!!!!!!


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