Thursday, August 3, 2023

Coras First Visit to Doggy Nannys House

 oh my another new dogs....what is going on.  Apparently this big dog is Uncle Teddy and the hooman holding us is Aunt Net.  


Anyhoo....hi Cora....yous ok.  This place is like Disney land...we call it Gracie Land.  Its where we come to play.  Once the storms pass Ill show you round the back yard.

I was scared my first time here too...Angel Lucy taught me all the best places to find snackies and where all the squirrels hide.  Youll love this place soon enough.

Anyhoo...I better get back to yard patrol.  Never know when another stray cat or chicken will need to be borked.

Oops!  Baby sissy fells asleeps.

Momma this is not picture time.  Shes tireds.  

But would ya look what I found....its a wing....just like my wings.  Another sign that she was sent to us by Mommas momma.  

pwease don't look at me butts.  Thats embarrassing.

AHHH!  Who is that?!!!??  Shes the biggest furriest dog Ive ever seen.  

Momma fank you for covers.  I needs naps.  The hoomans talked and talked while I drifted back off to nap land.

Then I was rudely woken up to be taken back to the car.  *Raspberries*

Sorry!  I get a widdle grumpy when I don't get me naps.

Im better now.  Ready to go to the next location.  BOL

Borks and Squeaks,

Poppy and Cora

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