Thursday, August 17, 2023

Visiting the Water Department and Mommas Office

 We got done so quickly at the vets that we had time to stop and see mommas coworkers before everyone left.  Fun times!  Mr Jason painted this meter Poppy Pink for momma.  I think it looks fabulous!

OH MY DOG Coras no bigger than this meter.  BOL

Momma Poppy made fun of me!

I greeted this customer...I mean supervisor person type man. 

OOh you can see all the way through the meter.  Funsies.

Ill help who ever is next. 

EEK who is that?

His hairs is longer dan mines.

Oh its Mr No No you talk about.  Gotcha.  

Aww its our bookshelf and Angel Lucy atop watching over us!

Oh I know that bearded guy. 

Youre the cheese man

Oh but i see you has cookies

Hi mr cookie man I do enjoy a cookie from time to time as well.

Hey where is everyone going...its only 4pm.  

We loaded up in the car....and before momma could even put the car in drive sissy was out like a light. 


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