Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Slumber Pawty 2020 - P. 1

Grandpa's Back Story - Saturday morning something furry scary occurred.  Grandpa had a health scare.  Upon arriving at the hospital and further testing separate health problems were found.  He was transferred to Dallas to a specialist.  Once in Dallas more testing was preformed and his records reviewed.  They were considering surgery but decided it was far too risky.  So they reworked his medications and released him from the hospital. He has no long term affects from the original health scare and the additional health problems will be monitored.  Now that we know grandpa is ok we wanted to share some Slumber Pawty highlights in a few different posts so here we GO!


During the time that Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Aunt Net were away in Dallas we volunteered to doggy/house sit Gracie and Teddy. 

Never fear friends I am here to puppy sit you!  Poppy is my assistant.  You will receive the best care a poodle can offer.  

Come on everyone its nap time. 

Lullaby and good night....

Alight now that I have all of them asleep I must secure the house.  All doors locked, blinds drawn, water bowl filled. 

Momma I am board....can we go for an after dark romp in the back yard?  COME ON EVERYONE LETS GO!

Post romp Poppy found the fleece blanket pile and snuggled down. We were all a bit tired from all the hustle and bustle so we all climbed in bed with momma and called it a night.  Gracie slept with her head on mommas foot, teddy and I slept on either side of her.  We were down to one human and weren't going to risk her getting away.  BOL!   

We have lots more adventures to post from the Slumber Pawty 2020.  But those will be posted another day.  



Jr. Doggy Nanny 

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