Saturday, December 26, 2020

Puzzle Time!

Whatever bug bit momma and got her organizing has really worked in my favor.  We pulled out all my puzzles and they are in this handy tote on the kitchen counter for easy access.  Now she has no reason not to fill one or two or three up for a day of mental stimulation for me!!!    

1st day here is what she got loaded up before work on Monday.  My dog games double tray star and the Toys R Us Petsmart Puzzle.  

Little bits of jerky and liver treats.

All closed up and ready to be worked.

Lucy youre crazy.  Just act sad and cry momma will gives you what you want.  No need to exert the extra energy for that!  There are squirrels to catch silly!

Day 2's selection. The Dog Games star difficulty increased.  The Petsmart toys r us paw doors. 

and Day 3.



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