Sunday, December 13, 2020

Momma Was Bit By The Organizing Bug

 It all started with the doggie closet and momma organized and donated some unused items.  Then she got bit by the orgaizing bug and spent 9 hours cleaning out every drawer and closet we had.  If it wasn't needed it was tossed, donated, or sold on FB market place.  Here is load one from the bedroom closet.  

Wow Lucy look at all the room in the bedroom closet. 

We could make this our play room.  

Load two from bedroom closet.  Houston I think we have a problem!

Momma explained she is tired of holding on to things.  We want to live a minimalist lifestyle.  If its not useful or a memory item its gone.  

Last load from random drawers, nooks and crannies.  

HELP!  HELP!  I am on the wrong side of the junk.  I'm all alone here!

Here is our kitchen now.  Our porch at the moment was another story.  However fter a quick snack break momma pulled the car up to the porch and filled the trunk to capacity. 

She even did a little cleaning in the car.  Got rid of all of Poppy's Shredded receipt pieces and put a new cover on the carseat.  She told us she would hang us up by our tails if we destroyed it while taking the trash and donations out.  Ok.

Then Lucy got this wild look in her eye....

Oh sheesh!  Its going to be your tail not mine.  I am being a good girl for Santa.




  1. Lady needs to get inspired and do some cleaning!

  2. Uh oh, if your Momma's being bit by bugs, you should give her a flea bath!