Sunday, December 20, 2020

Slumber Pawty 2020 - P.5

 Monday morning came awful early for all of us.  However we were greeted with a beautiful view of the sun rise. 

While momma was making the bed we guarded the entry way. 

Um....Teddy what do you have and where are you going?

Boy get back here NOW!

Thats my hairless monkey!  Grrr GRRR

Hey Hey come back here!  Lucy I need you!

All too soon play time was over, momma handed out treats, said "Ok, y'all stay, be good, I Love you" and away she went. 

Once momma got home she reported we were GOOD KIDS!  Nothing torn out, no messes, and we were all alive. 

 We then went outside and played for over an hour.  While we played momma got the text that grandpa was released and they were on the road headed for home.



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