Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Life In Quarantine Day 2

Day 2 started wif a trip to the home salon.  Gotta keep up daily maintenance to prevents knots in the furs.

Once that was done momma asked me "Do ya wanna..."

Engage tornado poodle!

If you didn't catch my answer momma where ever it is yes I would like to go and NOW!

Come on come on hurry up slow poke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leashed up and we are on our way.

Ahh the great outdoors its nice to see some greenery popping up.

It's been like 87 million years since our last car ride!

Ooh suspicious group of people at this construction site. 

I better keep an eye on 'em.  Looks like they aren't in groups of 10 or greater so thats good.

Lucy I can't concentrate...stop playing blankie monster!

Lucy I am doing furry important're disturbing me!  Stop it!

Oh we forgot to mention it was Whataburger that we went to.  Gotta have a toquito during quarantine.

Back home....I can't wait for a bite.

Oh my dog!  Alert Alert....Can you believe we have been living next to a CAT and didn't know it.  What is this world coming to?

Once we recovered from the alarming news we netflixed and did a bit of laundry.   Last but not least to round out our day 2 we did more trick practice.  Good day in our book!

Lucy and Poppy

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