Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Life In Quarantine Day 1

Following the news that she would have the week off we promptly cancelled all alarms.  We are sleepin in!

We slept in till 8 the first morning. Then booped momma wif my paw to wake her up as my tummy was rumbly for some brekkie!

We kept it simple this first day.  We wanted to ease into our quarantine routine.  Mostly we snacked and watched netflix. 

We are binge re-watching Grey's Anatomy in prep for watching the new season on Hulu. Ok maybe momma was doin the watching and we were doin the snoozin. 

Whenever momma would be on her phone too long playing candy crush I would crawl in her lap, put myself between her and the phone and demand cuddles.

Silly hoomans are too attached to their devices.

And of course we practiced our tricks.  We have the "all assemble" down pretty good as a duo party trick.  Treats please.

Lucy and Poppy


  1. You sure slept late. We try to make sure Lady is up by 7.

  2. It looks like a great start to your quarantine life. Sleeping in, with cuddles, treats, and new tricks. Thanks for sharing. Have a pawsome time and take it day by day.
    World of Animals