Sunday, April 26, 2020

Surprise 4 Day Weekend and A Trip To The Oil Place

Recently momma surprised us with a 4 day weekend.  First things first we loaded up to do a very impawtant errand.

We stopped by the All American Express here in town for an oil change.

This is the location that does the drive thru oil changes so we get to watch the whole process from the comfort of the carseat.

First we checked in and told the nice attendant the current milage.

I assumed my favorite position for optimal viewing.

Hi friend!

Wow who knew there were so many bits and bobs under the hood. 

Ooh he is getting some sort of hose. 

Filling this

Results were all our fluids looked ok.  Filter was a bit dirty but nothing to be concerned with just something to think about replacing by the next oil change.

While they input everything in the computer and ran our payment we did a little game of bitey face.


*tap tap*

Ooh this looks like shredding material.

Please give!

 Apparently she has to keep it in tact and stuck on the window for reference.  As soon as I get the chance I will nab it and shred it.  BOL!

Lucy and Poppy

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