Sunday, April 12, 2020

Life In Quarantine Day 5

Well day 5 there was a shocking turn of events.  Momma was doing some spring cleaning.  She found her old set of clippers.  Then she stated "Lucy I have a brilliant idea!"  "Since we don't know when we will be able to get back to Margots (With the fire and the shelter in place order) it would be wise if we learn to do a little fur maintenance at home."  

I tried distracting her from this insanity with cuteness.  *lick*

It didn't work and I ended up with my ears in a bun.  Hmm...I kinda like this look.

Well there goes my neck fur.

Oh but I can feel the ice cold air hitting my neck and its quite refreshing.

Then she wielded these furry sharp clippers at my most delicate face.  Woman do you know what you are doing wif those?!?!

Once that was done my torture was far from over.  I had to have a bath....Cause if you get a fur cut you have to bathe to get rid of the clingy furs.  #sadpuppy

That night momma put on her fb that she was a bit discouraged as it was harder to shave a face than she anticipated.

However the next day after some scissor trimming around my lips and eyes Momma changed her attitude.  She said her work didn't look so bad.  I think I look adorable!

Plus with the temps back on the rise I am getting hot.  Better to have as little fur as possible.

PupDate: after this happened (4th of April) Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom made an ammendment to allow groomers to open on the 9th of April.  Whew so as soon as Miss Pat is done with the rebuild of her grooming shop I will be able to get back in and get a proper fur cut.  Thank Dog!  Momma just recently spoke with Miss Pat on the phone.  Pat said that she is having trouble getting supplies in with the shelter in place closing a lot of warehouses.  But she is still charging on and will reopen soon.  I can't wait to see my frens again!


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