Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Buying Pet Meds During The Corona Virus Pandemic

Well after momma did my home furcut she found a single little hitchhiker in my topknot.  It was a nasty ol' flea.  He was promptly caught and disposed of.  I was searched thoroughly from nose to nub.  Nothing else was found.  It truly is officially spring time.  With all thats been going on we have not stocked up on flea and tick preventative yet.  We were going to get it when I got vaccines but (at the time this occurred) that is a week and a half out.  We can't risk having any more icky bugs in my precious curls.  So we called the vet clinic to see if we could buy preventative medicine at this time.  Thankfully they are still doing medication refills.

Sitting far away from my buggy sister.

The receptionist did let us know about the COVID-19 health pandemic protocol they have in place.  When you arrive park, call the office, they will reserve your place in line, and bring out your refill.  Hey just like grocery pick up.  I like this!


OOh that looks like my order.

A Credelio 3 month supply.  This should do the trick.



  1. Yup, Momma said she's calling the vet today to see about my Bravecto refill!

  2. Lady took Lee to the vet in February so we have all our meds til October, which is really important as our vet is in the city, and the city is in another province and the boarder is closed.