Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Introducing Uncle Teddy

A few weeks back Aunt Lynette had to say that final good bye to her beloved Kia.  RIP and Run Free sweet Kia.

Not long after during some bad storms a little pup got lost.  A rescue up in OK picked him up but they weren't able to find his owners.  So he became available for adoption.  Aunt Kim knew Aunt Lynette was looking to add a new pup to her home and told her about him.  And well....Introducing Uncle Teddy!

We gave each other a good quality sniffing.

He is a shy guy...

....but he is a fun pup!

Afterwards we sniffed around the yard together.

Meeting new family is sure tiring!

Since we don't know much about his background its up for debate what breed he is.  We are thinking pug and wirehair dachshund mix.  Aunt Lynette things Peke, pug, dachshund.  We would love to know your opinions.

Lucy and Poppy


  1. Hi Uncle Teddy! Our first thought seeing him was that he's part Chihuahua, but dachshund would explain that long body of his. But whatever he is, he's 100% pawfect!