Saturday, October 28, 2023

Our First Bye Bye Ride Forevers!

 When momma hurt her back....and then fell again and bruised up her knee she didn't feel like she was able to balance well enough to walk, use her cane, and hold on to us so we got left alone alot.  It was not fun.  But one night momma needed to talk to Doggy Nanny and well she was feeling brave so....she said we is GOING BYE BYE!

Waiting by the gate.


We need to head out.

Momma this is no time for pics.


Thats our exit....


We have arrived.

What you mean Doggy Nanny isn't home yet????

Doggy Nanny is always home isn't she???

Once inside we played, sniffed, hunted lost treats, and borked at squirrels while momma, Doggy Nanny and Aunt Net talked.  

Then I fell asleep in mommas arms.


Poppy and Cora

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