Tuesday, October 24, 2023

AC Change Out

 So our AC unit was not cooling effectively.  Our wonderful landlords were kind enough to replace it.  Thanks!

Upon entry I was furry scared and hid between momma and Poppy.

I got this Cora.  You stay there.  Ill keep watch.

Ooh scarry tools!

Momma kept me on leash.  Per momma I was "rude" by borking at the landlords. 

Why must I always be setting a good example for my baby sissy?  

 But momma got her self together and finally pulled out treats and I was the "best" girl.  I used my manners and each time I looked at the landlords and looked back at momma I got a treat.  by this time Cora was long gone and under the bed hiding.  We are so thankful to have a nice cold blowing ac unit again.  We are blessed.


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