Thursday, October 12, 2023

Cora Update and CET Chews - Worth Their Weight in Gold

Date 9-22-23 (for context since we are scheduled out in blog content for a while).  Cora Cora...Cocoa Bean...You are supreme!  This little girl has really been a tough nut to crack.  She likes me and trusts me but will not come sit with me.  Maybe thats because I clean her ears out, check her teeth, mess with her paws and she is 4 years old.  She is actually, now that I think about it, the oldest dog I have adopted.  So I know that this is a big life change for her.  I will admit with a job change and an injury I haven't been in dog training/bonding mode.  So that parts on me fully.  However now 2 months later she is starting to let me pet her freely and on occasion coming up to my chair and allowing me to pick her up.  I always make it a fun experience and give her treats.  This has led to a gap in me checking Coras teeth.  When I first got her she had a bad build up of tartar on her k-9s.  The vet recommended a dental asap after her spay due to the condition of her teeth.  That was 6 or 7 weeks ago.  I just recently had her in my lap and checked her teeth.  I was shocked....her k-9 which was previously caked in tartar was now fine.  It is discolored a bit but no tartar build up.  I hate I do not have before but here is the after pic...but the transformation is amazing.  

She and Poppy both are absolutely obsessed with their cet chews.  They chew them all day long and play keep away with them as well.  My poodles always like them, chewed on them from time to time but nothing like the hairless girls.  My poodles had to have their teeth cleaned regularly.  Poppy I only recently realized has never had her teeth cleaned and quite frankly they are in good shape.  No excessive build up. She is currently 6 and a half years old.  Now seeing Cora go from excessive build up to just stained teeth in a short amount of time I realize how well the CET Chews work.  

I am so thankful I learned about these in the clinic I worked at many moons ago.  Products used correctly and consistently do give positive results.  

-Katie the Momma

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