Thursday, September 2, 2021

New Ac Unit for the House

 During the first big rain storm at the new house we had a leak at the window unit.  Our landlords were right on the scene when we let them know about the situation.  They found there was a blockage of mud and leaves in the drain pan.  Unfortunately when they tried to dislodge it the free-on line was punctured and sent that ac unit to an early grave.  Moments later we got another text from Mrs N saying that she would put a portable unit in and if needed would get a new window unit.  WOW!  They are super quick on the fix.  That is so sweet!  The portable worked to keep us cool but it wasn't a permanent solution. 

So another window unit was ordered and a few days later Mr and Mrs N came to install it.  We supervised from the kitchen.

 Hours later it was back to feeling like a meat locker.  Lucy and Momma were super happy I burrowed down in the covers and put on clothes.  Momma mentioned that it really feels like home now.  




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