Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Taking Momma To Work On A Weekend

 Due to the overwhelming number of people with busted pipes from the freezing weather momma was required to work some overtime. She was scheduled for Sunday.  Well Doggy Nanny couldn't bear the thought of us being home 6 days in a row.  So she offered to pick us up from mommas work so we could spend the day with Aunt Gracie. 

Hello water peoples!


Outta my way I get to the door.

Hi Gracie, Hi Doggy Nanny!

Shaking my head in disbelief that this us really happening!

Lucy why are you in da floors?

Let's celebrate!!!!

My tail just won't quit waggin!

*Fastforward 9 hours* Doggy Nanny brought us back to the water department to ride home wif momma.  It was a wee tiny bit before she was scheduled to get off work.  So...we made it into a bring your doggos to work day.

umm...10-4?  Is that right.

Momma these phone lines wont quit ringing.  Why is that?  Doesn't it get on your nerves?

Meanwhile Lucy was captivated by the goings on in the WD yard.

She even got so comfy as to sploot right in front of the door.  Silly sisfur!



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