Wednesday, March 31, 2021

My Knees Have Been Hurting - Luxating Patella Update

Recently (Late 2020-early 2021) mommas been noticing me licking/biting at my knees and legs multiple times a day. 

 There been some skipping too but far less frequently than the licking/biting.

I am currently (Since Nov 2020) taking a 1/2 GCM chewable daily.  I am so used to it I don't really have the medicine panic anymore.  When momma pulls it out i take without fuss and don't spit it out momma hops up and down hollering yes, good Lucy, yes!!!  It gives me warm fuzzies inside!!!  

However she said it was time to talk to my dogtor, see what pain relief options there are for me and if there are any that I can take on a semi-regular basis when I am hurting.    



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