Thursday, March 18, 2021

Double Shift At DayCare

 So it all started out that momma volunteered to work a double shift at work.  Doggy Nanny was so gracious to pick us up from momma that Friday morning.  Looking back this should have made us worry...momma didn't get any photos of us getting picked up.  She said she had a headache.  Anyhoo...we made it to Doggy Nannys house and boy did we have fun.  Poppy chased black birds, I got scritches and we all got treats!  Around 7pm momma sent us this picture of her "working".  

BOL!  Thats when the story gets interesting.  Momma had a full day of stuff planned for Saturday and Doggy Nanny offered to keep us overnight so momma would be driving back and forth so much.  So Friday night we all snuggled down in the big bed...even Poppy!  Saturday morning came I woke DN up at 6 am with kisses and a wagging tail.  You're welcome Doggy Nanny!!!  Just after lunch momma called and she was super sick.  Like couldn't hold her lunch down sick and her headache was intensifying into a migraine.  DN told her to just go home and pick us up later.  We were overjoyed to get to stay and play all day Saturday.  The next thing we knew it was 730 and we hadn't heard from momma.  We texted her but there was no answer.  Finally she called and said she still had her migraine.  She was dizzy and didn't feel like she could drive.  You will never guess what happened next.....WE GOT INVITED TO STAY AN EXTRA NIGHT!!!!!!!  #twonightslumberpawty  Sunday I woke Doggy Nanny up even earlier due to the time change and we were all up and ready to have fun at 530 am.  Around 11 momma called and said she was on her way to pick us up.  We greeted her wif kisses, borks, happy growls and wagging tails.

We didn't even make it off DN's street before we lost Poppy to a nap.

She was hardcore snoring.

A couple seconds later I started feeling sleepy....and leaned over to rest on the ac vent. 

Meanwhile....Poppy never moved.

What a fun weekend.  Well for us anyway....but at least momma got to rest.